Sunshine, Songs and Stitching.

“Happiness is a warm puppy” , I seem to remember Schulz saying in his Charlie Brown
comic strip. So what would a warm cat be, I wonder? Zeldie our four legged friend has been sunning herself on the swinging chair in the garden today. She looked pretty content: legs tucked under her, queen of all she surveys… which isn’t much frankly, but cats have no concept of “Small Back Garden”… to her, every garage roof, every tree, every garden is hers. Maybe I should have written “Empress of all she surveys!”
Ears: Songs of Karine Polwart. Lovely !
Hands: Drawing with the sewing machine today…

Stitched drawing with colour wash.
Stitched drawing with colour wash.
stirched drawing with colour wash 2
Stitched drawing with colour wash 2

I may work into them some more tomorrow, it’s useful to leave them for a while  then look at them with fresh eyes. Sometimes it’s immediately apparent what needs to be done. And of course sometimes it’s not… and I fiddle and faddle until I’m sorry.
New image format: I’m using larger images than usual. I’ve returned to using WordPress’ own post editor, they’ve made improvements. I’m wondering though if the larger images cause any problems… does the blog upload ok? Not terribly slow? If you get a moment, please give me some feedback, thanks.



9 thoughts on “Sunshine, Songs and Stitching.”

  1. I have an old computer and the blog loads up fast so no problem with the larger pictures.

    I love your drawings with a sewing machine. I’ve had the urge to do some sewing in my artwork too. Not sure how yet. I will work on that when the shed is cleaned out and I have a larger studio space.


  2. Hi Uta, thanks for the reassurance re- the bigger pictures. “Larger studio space”… sounds exciting… ? Good luck with that! x


  3. Hi Julie – no problems at all with loading the blog. Your drawings in the museum are so skilfull and I love your jugs (am I really saying that?!) Don’t fiddle faddle with the top one – I think it’s perfect as it is – it looks like it’s chubbily full of English cider, waiting for Laurie Lee!!


  4. ROFL!!! hehehe…O Chrissie! That’s going to keep me chuckling all day!… thanks for the feedback about the blog….big pictures from now on methinks. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  5. Hi Julie. No problems loading at all. It was nice to hear from you, sounds like you have returned from France with a spring in your step! As for sleeping, would rather not have to do it….I know someone who can get by on four hours a night, unfortunately I am a minimum of seven hours girl. Take care, Karen


  6. Oh love those stitching lines on your artwork! What a great idea! And your sketches are wonderful – makes me want to go to a museum today with my sketchbook!


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