Warts and All

Fingers: Been testing out a sturdy artists’ canvas in my free machine stitched drawings. My machine took a dislike to my Big New Idea….and went into a huff. Sooooo it’s been a testing time (in more than one sense). Tried different needles, jean, leather, topstitch, metallic…. Tried threads, cotton, polyester, poly/cotton, topstitch threads….Tried drawing image with pen first, tried drawing image with pencil, tried drawing with Magic-Pen-That-Disappears-With -Heat, tried stitching through photocopy of drawing, tried stitching through tracing paper, tried stitch-and-tear…  AAAAAAAAAaargh!

Anyway, here’s a couple of rather tatty looking samples and one/two? that might be going somewhere… (the bin? hehehe)
car pak man  hand in box
man on bus profiletete a tete 2 

News from Brittany: Jean is taking Ellie to a recording studio today, to record a CD. She’s hoping to get 10 to 12 tracks down.
Think Jean will be accompanying her on some of them. Can’t wait to hear how it’s going…. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Field Trip: Going to town this afternoon, drawing.


9 thoughts on “Warts and All

  1. Your machine drawings are a delight and I want one **insert naughty child foot stamping here**. Maybe we could swap artworks. Sewing machines are temperamental things aren’t they. A friend of mine gave me a real old clanger that will sew through anything. Waiting for shed to be cleaned out before I try it on thick canvas. I’ve got high hopes that it will do it.


  2. Thanks Uta
    Swapping art works sounds a great idea… after summer if pos… have some exhibition committments to honour first. But that would be great! (Eeeee! Be good to have an Uta Mooney on our wall!!)


  3. Thanks Chrissie… Eee! I do love your encouragement…you’re so positive…(like sunshine breaking through on a cloudy day!)*Whisper* Think some of the stitched drawings may make it on to a wall at Rossendale Museum/Gallery in September…if all goes well!Shhhh!
    You feeling better? Hope so. x


  4. Hi Julie,
    I’m Butterfly Woman from Artist Way Group. Have missed your input there. I often come here to your site across the internet miles, and always enjoy your creations. I am blown away that you stitch on canvas. Never seen anything like it! I can barely do cross stitch. Your stitched drawings are very expressive and I appreciate your trial and error approach in the creative process. Will you use colored threads in the future? Stop by my blog sometime for a visit.


    1. Hi Bev, thanks so much for dropping by…and for your encouragement. Coloured threads~ great! Thanks for your advice. Thanks for the invitiation to visit your blog… I’m putting you on my Aw blogroll… 🙂 xxx


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