Tempus Fugit

Whoa! Time flies. Nice to be back. And now the News…

New laptop, (thanks D!) Old PC is lying down in a dark room. New season of posts to begin. Yay!  New Ten Plus exhibition now showing at Rossendale Museum. It looks good. Will post some images soon. New mini blog,  At The Lavoir, started for personal musings. New breadmaker on its way…mmm can’t wait to try it out.

Summer is drawing to a close here in the UK. The comforts of Autumn to look forward to.
Off to the cinema tomorrow with  friend to see ‘Julie and Julia’. Will let you know what it’s like…


6 thoughts on “Tempus Fugit

  1. Blimey where have you been all this time?! I was just looking up your address last night to send you a snail-mail today – must have had a premonition … Off to check your new miniblog. Welcome back! x


    1. Hi Chrissie! So lovely to hear from you and I loved your Dad’s memoir on your blog. A combination of factors kept me away from t’internet this summer… family difficulties mainly, but I’m back and very happy to be back too!!!


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