‘Walking in the Wild Woods’

Hello again me hearties!

Here’s some images of my work from Ten Plus Textiles’ exhibition at the Rossendale Museum …

The show went well and the curator and staff at the museum were very helpful and enthusiastic. Next exhibition is at Bankfield Museum in Halifax UK, in the Spring (2010).

Next week I’m on a residential storytelling course run by Shonaleigh called Walking The Wild Woods in Derbyshire UK. Shonaleigh is such an inspiring storyteller, she’s spellbinding and is in much demand around the world. I’ve been adapting a story (one of the requirements of the course is that you each prepare a story to tell)… I’ve chosen to trya tale about about Childe Rowland. He’s a character who crops up in folk songs too. I’ve really enjoyed working on it, but the thought of telling it to a group of people makes me feel very nervous. I’ll post the story and tell you about the course when I return later in November.

Best wishes to all but especially Uta, April, Laura, Doris, Chrissie, Michelle… sorry I’ve not been in touch recently x


6 thoughts on “‘Walking in the Wild Woods’”

      1. I came back for another look at your fabulous work. I can’t get enough of it!!! I would love to be on the storytelling course with you. We WOULD have a ball!


  1. Just when I think I’m going to have to come and find you, up you pop again! so lovely to see your work and I hope you really enjoy your storytelling week. Chrissie x


    1. Hello Chrissie!Thanks so much for coming by. =Lovely to hear from you too!= I’m really sorry for disappearing below the ‘Net-line. I hope you’re well and happy. Will tell you a story when I get back 🙂 Have had a great day, went on a beautiful traditional carousel with my daughter Rosie. We were the only adults in it! But we had such a great time!


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