Wild Wood and Monsters

Just a quick post… to say I’m back in the Land of Brick and Mortar after a few days tucked away in a rural retreat with Shonaleigh, other Storytellers and some fellow Story-Lovers.

A few memories of the week: Pheasants, owls, an old ice-house, bear-furred cats, communing with a beautiful cow one morning, Abi’s Hommity Pie, a very tall crinkle-crankle wall (thanks due to Suzie for teaching me the term 🙂, the games we played, the stories we heard, the pleasure of the company of fellow Wild-Wood-Walkers, Mellors the long-booted gamekeeper 😀, the ad-hoc Thursday night storytelling session in front of a log fire, the challenges, the laughter and Peter Chand‘s performance of  ‘Mangoes on the Beach’ … and much, much more…

My photos are still locked in the prison of  my camera’s memory card (waiting to be released into Blogland with the help of the CardReader… which has gone on it’s own personal retreat somewhere). I’ll post photos when I find it!

We all had a wonderful time, the same course is running in May 2010, so can’t give away too much… don’t want to spoil the fun for those who are joining Shonaleigh in the New Year. During our stay we were looked after by Charlotte, (Artist Administrator) and Abi* (Chef), so I’d like to record a BIG THANK YOU to them and Shonaleigh who ran Walking in The Wild Woods and who generously shared her wondrous Storyteller’s gift with us during the week.

*PLEASE visit Picky Miss to see her suberb SOCK MONSTERS!!!!* Will show you my own made-by-Abi sock monster when I find that blinkin’ card-reader…Sassa-Frassa-Rassa!!!!……


6 thoughts on “Wild Wood and Monsters”

    1. Hi Doris! I think you might have enjoyed it too Doris with your wonderful skill of imaginative illustration~ you’d have been right at home on the course! x


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