A few photos…

Quiz: Guess where the card-reader was?…. (Answer at the bottom of the post…)

View Walking the Wild Wood

The photos:…

  • The building where the course took place.
  • A beautiful cow who communed with me one morning!
  • Annie’s wonderful creation with a honeydew… Melonie Wood! 😀
  • The last afternoon in the local inn, before we all went our separate ways.
  • My sock monster! 😀 (Made by Abi) Help me name it please? Suggestions welcome. She/he is very sweet and has a pleasant temperament.

Answer to the quiz: In the shed at the bottom of the garden!!!! It’s proof…Men are from Mars. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A few photos…

  1. Hi Doris! Luckily D had a vague memory of stashing cables and miscellanea in a bag in the shed from the now-defunct PC we used to have upstairs! It’s not a place I thought to look! : )


  2. Comments from Uta (transferred from Windows Live album)

    “How about KneeHi or Tootsie for a name. She does however look a little like an Arabella :)”

    “Aw how adorable.”

    “What a delightful building. Looks like something out of a children’s book.”

    Comment from Rosie, transferred from Windows Live Album:

    “aww it’s so cute!! I think i would either call it Steggles (cos of the glove) or Elmo. 🙂


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