Baa Baa Black Sheep

Two fabric sheep illustrations hot off the table and placed on an old collage for photos…

The cloud-like sheep: (On the right). Shape of body printed from piece of fab foam in ink on rough heavy calico that had been prepared with household emulsion. Face and details added with more emulsion, pencil crayon and Muji marker.

The round frizzy sheep: (On the left). Rough outline painted on to prepared calico (see above) using watered down ink. Face area painted in emulsion. ‘Frizz’ created by printing letter m, number 3 and sign ? with Staz On ink. Face and detail as above. We watched episodes of Noggin the Nog on the storytelling course last week and I’m sure Peter Firmin’s style of illustration has temporaily seeped into my brain… don’t know where else these sheep have come from! : )

Ears: Ani DiFranco… crazy stuff!


5 thoughts on “Baa Baa Black Sheep

  1. Oh I love those sheep. I used to have a pet sheep called ‘Chops’. She used to get embarrassed when she got shorn and used to hide her head in the bushes. She used to chase the sheep dog hehehe.


      1. Sadly no photos of Chops but I do have some of the goat we used to have. Her name was Skye. She was a big dairy goat and didn’t like men hehehe. Always chased them and stuck them with her horns. Loved that goat. Actually all our animals were quirky. Wonder why hehehe. Live in the city now and only have Jack the dog and Ophelia the very very old cat. She’s called the zombie cat cos she’s so old we are sure she’s dead but hasn’t laid down yet. Enough animal stories for now 🙂 got some art to make.


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