Stone Collages

Three of a series of collages inspired by the photos I took last year… (more to follow).All the tough stops 1 BLOG

Escape question of 1 BLOG

Calling for balance 1 BLOG

Distressed photos, emulsion. gesso. ink,  relief printing, found text, transfer lettering, dry colour, scraffito.


4 thoughts on “Stone Collages

  1. Hey whats this emulsion stuff you are using??? I like the sound of it! These collages are absolutely gorgeous. I have my stone photo proudly displayed in my studio :). When all this business dies down I would still love to swap artworks with you


  2. Hi Uta… “emulsion” is the British term for the water-based household paint you’d use on interior walls and ceilings. ..I’m sure you already know, (but just in case Aussie paint is very different), the British stuff can be used as a primer before oil painting and it can be used to coat sketchbook papers, to give the pages a soft colour and a bit of ‘tooth’ (texture: similar to gesso), also it can be layed on over small areas over thin acrylic washes as an opaque foundation for printing, text or drawing. … Whew! … thanks for getting my brain in gear this morning, Uta me dear! 😀


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