Open Exhibition…

Open Exhibition: The Waterside its biennial Open next year, details can be found here.

Eyes: Found these old photos of some autumnal, Goldsworthy-inspired, leaf weaving my daughter and I did a few years ago.

 Here’s a detail:


4 thoughts on “Open Exhibition…

  1. I’ve never heard of leaf weaving! We used to make those clover chain necklaces and braid grasses. Looks like a giant centipede among those gorgeous stones!
    The Waterside exhibit space looks great. You’ll be exhibiting there?


  2. Hi Chrissie! “Bad Gateway” O dear, !D ~Have re-uploaded the photos, hope that’s done the trick, please tell me if you’re still having problems and I’ll try again. Thanks for letting me know Chrissie! x

    Hi Doris, not sure yet. Are you exhibiting at the moment? x


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