Blowing my own trumpet…

Had a lovely surprise today… got this message from Milliande of the Milliande Art Community about this collage:

Collage, mixed media.
Question Of Escape

I enjoy the composition and soft hidden emotional feel this pioece has for me, thanks for sharing, chosen as featured artwork of the day ♥ milliande

Want to see Milliande’s video tutorial that inspired this series? Take a look here.





6 thoughts on “Blowing my own trumpet…”

  1. Julie! I am behind on your newest postings! I love everything! Your wonderful stone photos and now using them in collage! the yellow leaf weaving your daughter did! your bookbinding! I have done that a few times and then when I want to get back to it, I forget how. Just love handmade books and would love to do more. Anyway, so good to see all your lovely things. xx


  2. Julie, feel like I closed my eyes and when I turned around a whole new world had appeared!!! So many lovely new pages since I last took a peak. Love the collages, sock monster and my favourite are the sheep. Lots of love,Michelle


  3. Yaaay! Michelle!!! Lovely to hear from you! Thanks so much for visiting. Looking forward to the Ten Plus Xmas do, are you? Not made my card yet eek! … Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot and helps keeps me going when I feel I’m getting nowhere fast (like today!) .. I’m so high maintenance aren’t I? ;D See you soon, love Julie xx


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