House in the Woods~ sketchbook

Here’s another of the illustrations I’ve been working on in my sketchbook…

Paint and ink illustration of House In The Woods

House in The Woods, dusk...

 and here’s the painting of Molly Whuppie, now with ink lines added…

paint and ink illustration of Molly Whuppie

Molly Whuppie, now with ink lines.

 …makes a difference doesn’t it? I’ve always loved ink and wash illustrations, I’m still adapting the techniques for acrylics and to use it on both paper and fabric, so I’m still finding my way with it. I’m pleased with the house in the woods illustration, that’s the latest and it came together without too much trouble.


8 thoughts on “House in the Woods~ sketchbook

  1. I went and blinked again!! Fab illustrations. I really must gather my energy and use it for something creative. Look forward to seeing you soon. x


  2. Thanks for dropping by Michelle, lovely to hear from you : ) And you’re a completely natural creative person… no need to do anything different! See you very soon x


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