Once upon a time…

Fingers: Working up some illustrations from tales and stories in my sketchbook. Just the ground work before starting them in textiles for the next exhibition. They won’t be to everyone’s taste, I understand that.  I enjoy building the images with layers and stylising the faces. So here’s two of the first sketchbook versions, they’ll change as I rework them of course…

Mixed media sketchbook illustration, Story character.
Sketchbook painting of Molly Whuppie
Sketchbook illustration of character from a story
Sketchbook illustration of a giant

 Remember the Shakespeare series of illustrations? Well, I’m thinking of developing the new story illustrations along similar lines…I’m planning on adding text, a short pithy summary of each story alongside the image… The Shakespeare series was pretty successful, it particularly went down well at the Nantwich exhibition, selling 5 out of the 8 on show there. Flashback image for reference…

Illustration of Romeo, mixed media textiles. Private collection.

  Let me know what you think?


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time…”

  1. Thanks April, been working on another today… ink’s still wet as I type. The Shakespeare series was a year or two ago… thought I’d shared them, but perhaps I’m mistaken, it may have been during one of my ‘internet-silent’ periods ; ) They were a bit of a departure from my usual range, but I’m keen to develop that style a bit further… see how it goes, eh? : )


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