More Sketchbook Story Characters

Mixed media illustration: Fisherman


Mixed media illustration of story character: The Miser's Son

The Miser's Son

 Developing character ideas in my sketchbook.


9 thoughts on “More Sketchbook Story Characters

    1. Hi Doris, love your illustrations too! I’m not working towards any particular story at the moment, just capturing the images that are filling my brain at the moment! Hope to work some in fabric at some stage but we’ll see… : )


    1. Thanks for dropping in Chrissie. I do love human faces… not the celebrity-whitewashed-airbrushed types, but the gnarled; the weather-beaten; the had-a-hard-life-and-it-shows; the laughter-lined and all those imperfectly characterful faces that I see on the street and on buses. Love them to bits.


  1. Hi Julie – so nice to see you back blogging – have you been away? I love your faces – they’re so warm and soulful – lovely work!! Hope to see you soon
    Angie x


  2. Hi there Julie, I’ve not stopped by in a long time and I can see you’ve been very busy… Wonderful work you have been producing. I’m also loving you sketch books.


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