Yes I am still living…

Here’s some illustrations I’ve been working on  recently for the Ten Plus exhibition at Newcastle Under Lyme (Uk).
embroidered painting of hen

Embroidered painting of Jackalstitched painting illustration from traditional storyDetail from stitiched painting. Door.The Hen and the Jackal pictures are my interpretations of scenes in a story told by the Basotho People of Lesotho in Africa. I came across this in Kathleen Ragan’s book “Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters”. The Blue Bird is my illustration of a traditional Polish story and the Tall House picture is my interpretation of a small scene from The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Andersen.

I’ve worked on a series of cards following the domestic adventures of Horace the Snail, some of which will be on sale at the exhibition too…

embroideryembroideryembroideryI’ve had some comical encounters with snails and that sparked off these images!


10 thoughts on “Yes I am still living…

  1. Julie! Where have you been? Oh my gosh – your illustrations are delightful! Absolutely wonderful! And what do you mean, your things have been packed away? So glad to enjoy your artwork again.


    1. Hello April! We ‘ve had major works on each room in the home and the outside too, we had large cracks due to subsidence. So the major part of our furniture and possessions were put into storage while the works were carried out… Months of 😦


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