Handmade Book for Ten Plus

I’ve finished the latest “Touch and Feel” book for Ten Plus Textiles. Inside are samples of  work that can be explored by visitors to our exhibitions. The book is handmade, with painted papers and is bound with chain stitches. It measures just over 14 x 10 inches.

Photo of handbound book

Front cover

Photo of Handbound book

Decorative chain stitich binding.

Photo of Handbound book

Decorative 'spine' with beads and buttons.

There’s a wide range of beautiful art to be explored in the series of Touch and Feel books and allows people to get up close to the samples. Here’s a double page example, it’s Linda Young’s colourful and textured illustrative work.

Photo of inside pages of handbound book.

Linda Young's beautiful pages.

Just got to make a bag to protect it in transport, then it’ll be winging its way to the Museum and Art Gallery, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK next week.


6 thoughts on “Handmade Book for Ten Plus

    1. Hi April, we have a group exhibition at Newcastle-Under-Lyme Museum and Art Gallery. All the work has been brought in ready to be delivered this week. There’s some absolutely wonderful work by the other members of Ten Plus. This new ‘Touch and Feel’ Book will be on show with our older ‘T and F’ books for visitors to look at and explore.


  1. Very interesting binding Julie! April told me to view your blog. We made a coptic book in a workshop after I had been taught that binding. Love this book too!


    1. HelloMarjorie! Lovely to hear from you, thanks for calling by. Did you enjoy making your book? I like the coptic binding, do you? Though on a book this size it means working with such a lonnnnnng thread! Eek! 🙂


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