Here’s a few ACEO’s… keep forgetting what it stands for *hastily looks it up*…
“Art Cards, Originals  and Editions” ~there you go, the wonders of search engines! I’ve drawn and painted them using graphite, crayon, acrylics, and acrylic inks.
ACEO small boy, acrylicsACEO small boy, acrylicsSmall boy ACEO acrylics

ACEO young girl acrylics

ACEO young girl acrylicsACEO acrylics Young girl

They measure 2.5 inches across and 3.5 inches high. I’ve just ordered some made to fit clear acid free sleeves to put them in, so I’d better do some more!
I’m enjoying having art materials to hand again after the long months of building works. Everything was packed away and in storage, I’ve still not got everything back, but enough to keep me busy for a while : )


8 thoughts on “ACEOs

  1. Julie- these are beautiful and charming. They remind me a little of the magic of Raymond Briggs illustations. Must be very satisfying to get your art things back. Yay!


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