The Beech Band

Here’s a couple of films of The Beech Band in action at The Irish Club in Chorlton, Manchester. My family and I are playing, (my first time, eeek!), Dave on baritone ukulele, Ellie on domra, Rosie on concertina and by her side, me (tentatively) playing the concert ukulele.

We think it may be one of the few ceilidhs where band members outnumber dancers! The band was begun by Les Jones (banjo, at the front) and meets fortnightly at The Beech pub for Tunes nights. Les is a great one for traditional music and songs and does a grand job of keeping music alive and kicking in South Manchester.
In this second film, you might notice that Ellie and Rosie have abandoned their instruments to join the dancers!


4 thoughts on “The Beech Band

    1. Hello April! Thanks for your all your kind comments =) There are some really good musicians in the band (with the exception of ‘yours truly’ who is still learning the tunes!)


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