The Blues…

I’ve just had some work back from an exhibition, here’s two of the pieces. I’m not sure I like them very much now, I can see how they could be improved. But the bottle/vase theme did inspire some successful smaller images that I made into cards and they’ve sold well… A well known phrase which includes the words; ‘swings’, ‘lose’, ‘gain’ and ’roundabouts’comes to mind!
Here’s the two larger Not-So-Good-Now-I-Look-At-Them-Again” pictures:
Picture of vasePicture of bottleThere’s a mixture of fabrics: vintage, batik print and recycled.

And while we’re on a blue theme… here’s a photo of a beautiful wild flower my daughters and I came across while walking around a local waterpark. I think it’s Chicory… unless you know it by a different name…? =)
photo of flowering chicory


4 thoughts on “The Blues…”

  1. Chicory! Yes! We have that growing along the roadsides, along with Queen Anne’s Lace and Tiger Lillies. Beautiful combination. Like a wonderful watercolor. And I love your fabric collages! My quilting teacher does some of this. And has cards printed from them! I must give it a go! I see the “bubbly” in the bottle!


    1. Hi April, nice to know we see the same wild flowers and even call them the same names. “Queen Anne’s Lace”… such a beautiful evocative name.


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