Our cat was on guard duty in the garden. She perched high on the shed roof, (not a very sensible choice for a cat that falls off everything!). She took herself very seriously and wouldn’t be distracted… until she got hungry of course!
Cat I peered into an old, empty  pot planter at the end of the garden and saw this cheeky chappy looking back up…
Bottom of a ceramic plant potFinished three 5 x5″ canvases today. Must have been in a bright mood when I painted the backgrounds!
stitched paintingstitched paintingstitched paintingMust have been thinking of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries… Just love those summer soft fruits.


6 thoughts on “Guard-Cat

  1. Yummy canvases! The cat is definitely in charge. Funny face made me laugh:D Isn’t it great what you find when least expecting it !


    1. Hi Michelle! I tend to see faces all over, marks on walls, grains of wood etc… heard it was called “simulcra”.. can get some great ideas for characters!


    1. Hi April! Morning Glories… are they blue like here in the UK? There’s a haiku about a well being stolen by Morning Glories, was it by Basho? Hope your collage class goes well!


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