The Bollin Morris

Last night, on a pleasant, (if dark), evening, Ellie joined members of Bollin Morris, dancing and playing music in Chorlton, Manchester. The film’s a bit dark, but hope you get a sense of the fun that was had by all! Rosie took her concertina and joined in a music session later on at the last pub of the night. (I was spectating!) Music was played by members of Bollin Morris aided and abetted by members of The Beech Band.


5 thoughts on “The Bollin Morris

    1. Hi Doris, thanks for your interest! I’m no expert and can only pass on what I’ve been told… that the Border Morris is a form of dance that comes from the rural borderland between England and Wales, but has now spread further afield. Traditionally they wear tatter coats (adorned with old rags or ribbons) and some sides paint their faces, thought to be once a form of disguise. Will let you know if I hear anymore =)


  1. I just found your blog. The video is great. What dance is it? I’m a fellow Border Morris Blogger and dance with Stone the Crows. I’m pretty certain we’ve danced with your team, although not when I was there. You’re right about the face paint being a form of disguise – one of our lot prefers not to be recognised, so it’s still used as such nowadays – I personally want everybody to know that I’m a morris dancer.


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