Collage and Morris

collageThis was a small, back-of -an-envelope collage. I added a few photoshop effects today. Here’s the pre-photoshopped version:
Small collageInteresting to see the two together.
Doris Mancing: (Spoonerism) Went to Bollin Morris last night with Ellie, Rosie and Ben. Had a go at Cuckoos Nest, Welly Boot (my favourite) and another whose name escapes me. Found my “inner bear” during the growly/threaten-each-other-with-big-sticks bit…Great stuff!


6 thoughts on “Collage and Morris”

    1. Thanks Doris, have only just got the Big monitor back from the depths of the shed… after having move everything out, so it’s nice to play around on photoshop again.


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