Chorlton Folk Extravaganza

Ellie, Rosie, Liam, Kieran And Joe played Jack Lintel\’s 3/2 hornpipe–click to follow link to hear a recording made on a little voice recorder, last night and wowed us all with their arrangement and playing. Encore!!! =) Liam and Kieran’s Dad, Jonathan, himself a grand folk performer can be heard singing along in the audience at Chorlton Folk Club =D

Here’s some more quick sketches of performers.
sketchsketchsketchTomorrow we have a gathering of young musicians at our house and on Sunday, Ellie will be playing with The Beech Band at the Friends of Chorlton Water Park bash… and I’ll be tagging along with my uke. Ellie’s playing some music today for Bozz in the recording studio, as he makes another CD.


6 thoughts on “Chorlton Folk Extravaganza

    1. April… I just see all the faults with them, which can be rather discouraging, so I’m glad you help me with your kind encouraging words to get out there and do more drawing… it’s the only way to get better at it! πŸ˜€


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