Postcards from a ‘broad’: ceilidh: cat

Postcards: Here’s some more quick photos of the batch I’ve recently received. Photos aren’t great… think my camera is past its ‘sell by’.

photo of framed artpostcards of artworkPostcards of artwork

Last night’s fun: Had a great time at the ceilidh last night. Not as many musicians as last time, but it went well and everyone had a good time. Les Jones does a grand job of organising The Beech Band. My ambition is to be able to ween myself from the music/chord sheets. That would feel unbelievably good.

Cat: Now our daughters have gone back to university, the cat has resumed her diva role. She’s claimed the chairs as hers, demands fish and won’t go out. Dave said we should name our next cat “Damn Spot”… so he can shout “Out Damn Spot!” (the Scottish play). I foresee a problem… sitting in the vetinary surgeon’s waiting room with our ‘next cat’ and hearing the vet call out “Damn Spot Bryce, next please!”… Would turn a few heads. I was in there once and the vet called out “Elvis…erm Burton”… a woman got up with a cat carrier and addressed us all “I didn’t give him the name… my daughter called him that!” A black and white tom cat leered out, as if daring any of us to laugh.


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