Where to draw the line…

I’m cheating and showing some older drawings. (I think I prefer these older drawings). I like the way the line almost has a life of its own… drawingdrawing…And just suggests the figure. Sounding a bit pedantic aren’t I? I’m wishing I’d made the time to draw today and wondering if I’ve lost the knack.

Last night went to the ‘Leap Wednesday’ edition of Tunes and Songs at The Beech Inn. I learned some things:

  1. Singing in the bathroom at home, is no preparation for singing in front of a room full of people in the pub.
  2. If you begin singing too high, then things can only get worse.
  3. How surprisingly lonely it is when the only voice I can hear is my own.
  4. A short song can seem to take a verrrry long time to sing.
  5. How supportive people can be- No rotten tomatoes thrown and kind words of reassurance and advice given afterwards.
  6. How good it feels to do something that’s frightens me once in a while.
  7. What absolutely crackin’ traditional songs there are. So many good ones I heard last night, and I wish I’d made notes of them all.
  8. What a grand thing Les Jones has done, organising The Beech Tunes Nights, The Beech Songs Nights, The Beech Ceilidh Band, The Beech Band… etc etc and what a varied bunch of nice people they are.

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