Happy When It’s Wet…

It’s been pouring down here. Our road flooded for a while. E and R will be travelling back from the ‘Freaks in The Peaks‘ gathering today, with G, who’s kindly giving them a lift. Then they’re back off to Wales. They’ve had a fantastic weekend. Playing music, dancing tatter-coated with sticks in the villages and have met lots of lovely people.

Here’s some ‘Happy When It’s Wet’ photos and music to enjoy:

photo of frogphoto of duckphoto of sign This is called “Welly Boot”-  it’s a recording of The Beech Band playing it (during the break?) at a ceilidh in July 2010. Though the title is appropriate for this wet weather today.


4 thoughts on “Happy When It’s Wet…

  1. Great music- it would have cheered me up yesterday, when I was struggling to see the happy side of the rain. LOL.
    Sounds like the girls had a good time:)


  2. Definitely! Aren’t the jackets amazing? We’re having a cutting up session on Monday, to make some new jackets. And Doris, you should consider yourself an esteemed honourary member!


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