Fonts, songs and a gorilla.

Found fonts: I rediscovered the photos this morning. If anyone knows the name of this font or its designer, please tell us all? I love it. It was advertising a Breton music festival I think. photo of interesting font used on a posterphotoof interesting font used on a posterSaw it in Morlaix, Brittany, France last year.
Songs at The Beech Inn:
Another great evening; ballads, drinking songs, lullabies and music played on melodeon, guitar, whistles and Northumbrian pipes! (Ed: And banjos!) I plucked up courage to try out a couple of songs too. Sue provided us with her hand baked  BAFTA winning Eccles cakes. Mmm!
Gorilla: This moving film shows a gorilla who can teach us a thing or two about ourselves, other creatures and cross-species attachments. Hope you get the time to watch it…

Fingers: Some stitched drawings to be mounted on small canvases today… And some ukulele time too.


5 thoughts on “Fonts, songs and a gorilla.

  1. Oh my gosh! A most wonderful little film. Gorillas are a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid and loved “Bushman” at our zoo here. I guess we’ve all teary-eyed over this beautiful story. Thank you Julie.


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