Ugly cat

I was reading Uta’s blog and I promised her I’d put a photo here of our ugly pot cat… I like it, I think it turns ‘ugly’ inside out and somehow comes out cute. pottery catpottery catI have strange tastes, clearly.

Tunes Night at the Beech: A good time on Wednesday. Live music that could be heard across the green. 4 dogs : Tilly, (sweet black dog that belongs to one of the band), and three others padding about the pub- a spaniel, an enormous german shepherd and a friendly hyena… well it looked a bit like a hyena :). I do like The Beech Inn. Instruments:- Melodeons. banjoes, guitars, accordion, cello, recorders, whistles, Northumbrian pipes, mandolin, cittern, bones and ukulele.

Comfort Food: Making a big pan of split pea and veg soup this afternoon and a  spiced apple crumble. Daughters coming back from university this evening for the weekend and both have ‘flu/colds.  Pass us the tissues? Hey ho…


12 thoughts on “Ugly cat

  1. I can imagine that cat appealing to Uta! And, OK, I had to go and look up cittern. I’m sure that wonderful meal will be an instant cure for the ‘flu, so hope the girls get better soon!


  2. Thanks Chrissie : ) Btw, I’ve added a link to Wiki for the cittern. It’s a beautiful instrument also, there’s a chap in the Bollin Morris band has a cittern as well…. Too complicated for me- all those strings! Love my ukulele though 😉


  3. Your kitty as such great character, love that we are so busy sometimes trying to capture the real truth in things and we forget to capture the character of people and things..just loveing your kitty..


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