Japan Day 2010, Accordion frame book.

Made this…photo of accordion frame book, japanese paper

…after visiting the ‘Japan Day’ at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, which was organised by the Japan Society North West.
We saw: demonstrations of…erm… *turns to programme*...kyudo(archery), ikebana (flower arranging), bojutso (miniature railways), bonsai ( know what that is), origami (ditto) and kendo (fencing).  Here’s the shy lady who was doing the origami, she kindly gave permission for me to take a quick photo-photo of origami demoAnd look at the old bonsai-photo of bonsai
I’m not usually a buyer of kits… but I bought the kit to make an accordion frame book from this ‘Festival of Japan’ stall,  (more kits are available here)photo of japanese paper stallHere’s what it looked like out of the packet…photo of paper folding kitIt contained washi paper, card and instructions. I decided I’d use some of my own stock of painted card instead of the supplied white card. I made a couple of the frames:photo of folded paper framesI made the other four ‘frames’ and inserted some plum painted card in three of them, to pick up on the red/purple elements in the printed washi paper…photo of folded paper framesThen I used more painted card to join them together following the kit’s instructions. Here’s a back view:photo of origami frame bookAnd a couple more close ups:origami frame book

origami frame book

It was fun making it. Needs precise folding, but the washi paper in the kit was cut very well, which is important.


11 thoughts on “Japan Day 2010, Accordion frame book.

    1. Me too, Laura. It’s whetted my appetitie (!)..appetite! for more… thought I’d had enough after making the big exhibition book for Ten Plus, but I can feel my mind moving in that direction again!


  1. Nice goin’ ma!
    Looks much better than with white card. I reaaally love the patterns on washi paper, I don’t want to make anything I just want to look at it!!



    1. =D Thanks Rosie… That washi paper’s beautiful isn’t it? Wish we had more…But, but, but… Hang on, ol’ bean! You made your pretty Washi doll… I have photo evidence =) And very pretty she is too.


    1. Thank you for reading and taking the tine to comment. I enjoyed making the frames and I used left over card I’d painted for another project. It was fortunate it matched!
      I’ve enjoyed your blog too, it’s a joy to read.
      Good wishes


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