Grunge cottage

photo of stitched, painted 'grungey' cottage

Trying to kick start some new work… (my Work in Progress folder is rather slim at the moment).ย  Doodled around and this ‘grungey…’ is that a real word?)… cottage started to appear. That song by Space, “Who lives in a house like this?” comes to mind. I was going to stitch some red flowers on the plant on the windowsill, but I liked it better looking defoliated and grim. Seems to help suggest a story line.


12 thoughts on “Grunge cottage

  1. I would visit. I think an old artist lives there. Someone who can see the beauty in the grunge. Inside would be just as grungy with tubes of paint and brushes lying around. There will be shelves filled with dusty objects collected for inspiration for still life paintings. No wait, that’s my house hehehe. From what I see its another one of your sewing machine drawings, right??? So tell me more. Do you use fabric for the coloured areas or paint???


    1. UiL.. :’D (Uta-induced Laughter)! You should do ‘stand up’! People’d pay good money to cheered up by your sense of humour!…
      And yes it’s a ‘sewing machine drawing’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I painted the fabric in this one. Painted the cloth with yellow ochre + white, then spattered and marked it with touches of blue, violet and crimson. Stitched the image from the back (A bit hair raising at times!) Then overlayed more paint for the details. I whited out much of the background above the ‘ground line’. Going to do a large sheet of ink drawings of random houses/buildings/castles etc to get myself up and running for some more pieces. Just bought some new Sharpie pens in a sale… whooo! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Julielea, how wonderful to visit you blog and see this great new idea spring up for you..I so enjoy it..I look at it and see my home in away…the complete character is showing and that’s what makes it special. looking forward to seeing more..


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