One Orchard

Drawing of apples on tree by Julie Bryce

In Grange-Over-Sands (The Lake District, England), there is a small community orchard. Small but bountiful.

Apple trees of many varieties, other fruit trees; quince, damson, plum, greengage, mulberry, pear and cherry, all stand row upon row in this green patch in the village.

There’s a nice story on an information board in the orchard  about one of the apple varieties-
Keswick Codlin… “was found growing on a rubbish heap at Gleaston Castle and propogated by John Sandler, a nurseryman of Keswick in the 1790’s”. Apparently it’s an early fruiting cooking apple which goes yellow in colour with a lovely flavour.

Some of the intriguing names of apples I found there:
Keswick Codlin
Bradley’s Beauty Witherslack
White Melrose
Lady’s Finger of Lancaster
John Hugget
Belle of Boskoop
Nelson’s Favourite
Ashmead’s Kernal
Hourgate Wonder… and many more.


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