One End of Summer

Seeded and full fruited, we lay. Watercolour painting of rosehips
Our prickled hard-cased feelings
Peeled and squirreled away
For a brighter, braver day.


One Moth

Arctia Caja, the Garden Tiger Moth.Illustration of tiger moth by Julie bryce
A bold bright moth, once common, but now
no longer found where I live in the UK.
According to the Butterfly Conservation organisation, Tiger Moths are in decline,
by 92% since 1968.

John Keats uses the markings of the moth to describe the effects of moonlight through a stained glass window…
“…Innumerable of stains and splendid dyes,
As are the tiger-moth’s deep-damask’d wings…”
in his poem Eve of St Agnes

The popular 1930’s trainer bi-plane designed by
Geoffrey De Havilland was called Tiger Moth,
also two monoplanes by De Havilland were built in
1927 with that name too.

An illustration- my small tribute to the beautiful GardenTiger Moths of my childhood.



House, friends and a Show.

photo of fabric housephoto of fabric houseFabric house, one of a series.
Exhibition: Ten Plus Textiles have an exhibition at Salford Art Gallery at the moment. It’s a ‘Retrospective’- 20 years exhibiting together as a group, of course me being so young and all   ; )  -I’ve not been a member for quite so long.

Amy, Salford’s lovely curator said we had over 300 people at the preview and she’s very pleased with the exhibition. So if you’re local to Salford, UK, pop in and take a peek.

Leafy crown and doodles

leaves on a park binE and R  came home this weekend for a family trip to see Yann Tiersen play at  the cathedral (though it was a bit of a disappointment!) . On Saturday, we went for a walk in the local park, and fed the pigeons, (don’t sing that Tom Lehrer song ) and lots of squirrels. One of which clawed E’s finger in its peanut eagerness 😦
It was a bright afternoon and we did enjoy ourselves (despite the ‘Sciuridaen’ assault).
Before we left, we crowned one of the old park litter bins (so old it has a lid!) with maple leaves and *unknown* others.

Phantasy (pretentious use of ‘ph’) building doodles have been oozing from my new sharpie pens into my sketchbook~
phantasy building doodlephantasy building doodlephantasy building doodlephantasy building doodlephantasy building doodlephantasy building doodle And a friend from Ten Plus Textiles has created a new blog, take a look 🙂

Grunge cottage

photo of stitched, painted 'grungey' cottage

Trying to kick start some new work… (my Work in Progress folder is rather slim at the moment).  Doodled around and this ‘grungey…’ is that a real word?)… cottage started to appear. That song by Space, “Who lives in a house like this?” comes to mind. I was going to stitch some red flowers on the plant on the windowsill, but I liked it better looking defoliated and grim. Seems to help suggest a story line.