One Sleep

Drawing of a sleeping cat .


Ugly cat

I was reading Uta’s blog and I promised her I’d put a photo here of our ugly pot cat… I like it, I think it turns ‘ugly’ inside out and somehow comes out cute. pottery catpottery catI have strange tastes, clearly.

Tunes Night at the Beech: A good time on Wednesday. Live music that could be heard across the green. 4 dogs : Tilly, (sweet black dog that belongs to one of the band), and three others padding about the pub- a spaniel, an enormous german shepherd and a friendly hyena… well it looked a bit like a hyena :). I do like The Beech Inn. Instruments:- Melodeons. banjoes, guitars, accordion, cello, recorders, whistles, Northumbrian pipes, mandolin, cittern, bones and ukulele.

Comfort Food: Making a big pan of split pea and veg soup this afternoon and a  spiced apple crumble. Daughters coming back from university this evening for the weekend and both have ‘flu/colds.  Pass us the tissues? Hey ho…

Postcards from a ‘broad’: ceilidh: cat

Postcards: Here’s some more quick photos of the batch I’ve recently received. Photos aren’t great… think my camera is past its ‘sell by’.

photo of framed artpostcards of artworkPostcards of artwork

Last night’s fun: Had a great time at the ceilidh last night. Not as many musicians as last time, but it went well and everyone had a good time. Les Jones does a grand job of organising The Beech Band. My ambition is to be able to ween myself from the music/chord sheets. That would feel unbelievably good.

Cat: Now our daughters have gone back to university, the cat has resumed her diva role. She’s claimed the chairs as hers, demands fish and won’t go out. Dave said we should name our next cat “Damn Spot”… so he can shout “Out Damn Spot!” (the Scottish play). I foresee a problem… sitting in the vetinary surgeon’s waiting room with our ‘next cat’ and hearing the vet call out “Damn Spot Bryce, next please!”… Would turn a few heads. I was in there once and the vet called out “Elvis…erm Burton”… a woman got up with a cat carrier and addressed us all “I didn’t give him the name… my daughter called him that!” A black and white tom cat leered out, as if daring any of us to laugh.


Our cat was on guard duty in the garden. She perched high on the shed roof, (not a very sensible choice for a cat that falls off everything!). She took herself very seriously and wouldn’t be distracted… until she got hungry of course!
Cat I peered into an old, empty  pot planter at the end of the garden and saw this cheeky chappy looking back up…
Bottom of a ceramic plant potFinished three 5 x5″ canvases today. Must have been in a bright mood when I painted the backgrounds!
stitched paintingstitched paintingstitched paintingMust have been thinking of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries… Just love those summer soft fruits.

Neighbourhood chat….

Neighbour from few doors away: “Your cat was in our garden”.

Me: “Really? She doesn’t normally go that far, she’s very timid”.

Neighbour from few doors away: “Yes it was your cat, it’s white and tabby isn’t it?”

Me: “Yes, but there is another cat from across the street, who looks just like her, it was probably that cat”.

Neighbour from few doors away:  “I’m sure it was your cat!”

Me: <smiles, indulgently>

Neighbour from few doors away: “Well this cat… it was in our garden and then it jumped onto the fence, wobbled then fell off into nextdoor’s garden and when we looked, we found it had fallen into a big empty flower pot!”

Me: “Erm… yep, that’s must have been cat all right. <grins sheepishly> Hope she didn’t cause you too much trouble!”

Lost and Found…

Zeldie camera curiousOur cat Zeldie appeared stuck in the bowling green, when I called her in at bedtime last night. She was miaowing and miaowing at me from behind the wire fencing. She hasn’t been in there for a while and they’ve repaired the gaps and broken bits of the fence since then.

I went to her, to try and encourage her to creep under a bit of loose fencing, while I held it up. But she wouldn’t come, she seemed too scared to try.

So I was out there while, in the dark, ch-ch-ch-ing for all I was worth and making encouraging noises to our four-legged friend. Then she disappeared from my sight. (It was very dark , so I presumed she’d retreated a little, into the bushes behind the fence.  I carried on with “Come on Zeldie, it’s all right, don’t be frightened, you can do it…” and all that malarkey!

Some time later…. a noise behind me… and who was crouching watching me!!! The little tike had got out, crept around the street on quiet paddy paws and come up behind me, to watch the fun!!!!

I ask you! She’s a loveable rascal and she did make me laugh. When I said ‘There you are!” She waggled her bottom, and then headed off for home, flicking her back leg out to the side in a sort of joyful skip!

Shakespeare artwork: been thinking of an ‘umbrella term’ that would help set the pieces in the context of my idea about the characters being played by Community theatre-type players…. and i’ve come up with, “InTheStreetTheatre” What do you think? I’m open to any other ideas, before I start working on graphics etc. Here’s one that’s ready to be stretched and framed…it’s my favourite of the new batch.

Ferdinand InTheStreetTheatre 2008