One Child

One Childgirl1.jpg

In her bedroom.

Listening to lessen the pain of seeing.
But sound-spores of Their fights and rows
Have been sown.

And though by day,
She stows them deeper and deeper down,
In the damp dark silence,
They root and grow and stalk.


One Moth

Arctia Caja, the Garden Tiger Moth.Illustration of tiger moth by Julie bryce
A bold bright moth, once common, but now
no longer found where I live in the UK.
According to the Butterfly Conservation organisation, Tiger Moths are in decline,
by 92% since 1968.

John Keats uses the markings of the moth to describe the effects of moonlight through a stained glass window…
“…Innumerable of stains and splendid dyes,
As are the tiger-moth’s deep-damask’d wings…”
in his poem Eve of St Agnes

The popular 1930’s trainer bi-plane designed by
Geoffrey De Havilland was called Tiger Moth,
also two monoplanes by De Havilland were built in
1927 with that name too.

An illustration- my small tribute to the beautiful GardenTiger Moths of my childhood.



Grunge cottage

photo of stitched, painted 'grungey' cottage

Trying to kick start some new work… (my Work in Progress folder is rather slim at the moment).  Doodled around and this ‘grungey…’ is that a real word?)… cottage started to appear. That song by Space, “Who lives in a house like this?” comes to mind. I was going to stitch some red flowers on the plant on the windowsill, but I liked it better looking defoliated and grim. Seems to help suggest a story line.

House in the Woods~ sketchbook

Here’s another of the illustrations I’ve been working on in my sketchbook…

Paint and ink illustration of House In The Woods

House in The Woods, dusk...

 and here’s the painting of Molly Whuppie, now with ink lines added…

paint and ink illustration of Molly Whuppie

Molly Whuppie, now with ink lines.

 …makes a difference doesn’t it? I’ve always loved ink and wash illustrations, I’m still adapting the techniques for acrylics and to use it on both paper and fabric, so I’m still finding my way with it. I’m pleased with the house in the woods illustration, that’s the latest and it came together without too much trouble.

a drawing a day becomes work in progress…

Trying to see where this is going…Thought it might be helpful to me to post where I’m up to.  
drawing a day 001 drawing a day 002
1 Sketchbook drawing is the start of an idea for an illustration
of a Vietnamese proverb.
2 Did a few (well, to be honest lots of ) roughs on photoshop…
drawing a day 003 drawing a day 004 copy small
3 Drew a layout paper version, drawn from number 2… rounded him out a bit and I like the turtle shell shape of his jacket! 4. Printed it onto cloth, adding coloured areas from previous collages and sketchbook work I’ve done and photographed. I’m pleased with his boots. Painted green acrylic in the seedlings. Began to sew an outline around the figure and started on the lettering. Will stretch it when I’ve finished sewing and see how it looks then.
I do still like the freshness of the sketchbook version. Ho hum!…