One Child

One Childgirl1.jpg

In her bedroom.

Listening to lessen the pain of seeing.
But sound-spores of Their fights and rows
Have been sown.

And though by day,
She stows them deeper and deeper down,
In the damp dark silence,
They root and grow and stalk.


One Collection of Paper Hangings

Old, unwanted books; Photo of paper hangings made from old books
pages trimmed,
ragged lipped,
colour tipped,
glued, strung,

Now, taken down,
boxed up;
in their
place- a

Photo by Julie Bryce 2014

One Goldfinch

I got this plate from a craft fair at Victoria Baths.Photo transfer of goldfinch on vintage plate It caught my eye on my first turn of the fair. It was the photo transfer of the goldfinch that drew me back a second time.
Some goldfinches feed from seed hung on a tree on the green near me. They stitch the sky with their looping flight as they flock in each morning.
Goldfinch is il Cardellino in Italian, diminutive of il cardo (thistle). Le Chardonneret in French, diminutive of le chardon (thistle). A charm of goldfinches can be seen on many a purple patch of thistles. They eat thistle seed.